The Simple Life and You


Corny title right? How awesome am I?! However, despite my lameness this is a really serious topic, at least for me. Most people out there just don’t get how we live, my family included. They don’t understand why I don’t care that I don’t have a new car, or why I’m okay living in a smaller house, or why I love thrift stores as much as I do. They just don’t get it at all, but then I’ve always been the odd duck in our flock of crazies.

So, how do you approach it? How do you tell people, your family especially, that you’d going to be making a big shift to the simple life? For some people that may be harder than others. My family already understands some aspects of it, but I don’t think they understand just how far we’re willing to go into it. For others, they may not get it at all.

We won’t be going out to dinner much. I’m probably never going to have a brand new car. We’ll always have a smaller house because honestly, it’s all we really need. We’re going to be growing and making as much as we can. There’s going to be a lot of time spent on things some others wouldn’t consider “normal.”We’re not going to be buying the big elaborate gifts for Christmas and we’re more than likely not going to be asking for them either. There’s always going to be animals around. Currently neither of us have “normal” jobs, as in a 9-5 where we work for someone else and the paycheck will always be there. Personally, I’d like to continue that way of life for as long as possible. Which means my family looks at me like I have three heads. Like my mom continues to tell me, she has no idea how we live on so little. I am really lucky though, it’s really just the whole job thing they tend to question.

How do you approach this? How do you let anyone know your choosing to live life differently than what others consider the norm? Or do you even approach it at all? For me, HI MOM! I know you’re reading this so guess what?! LOL For others, maybe you just don’t let anyone know, or you only let them know certain aspects of it. It’s your life, who is anyone to judge, right?

We’re trying to save money. We’re trying to have a life worth living for ourselves. And we’re trying to take care of ourselves in the way we choose to. I personally see nothing wrong with that. Will people understand? Does it matter if they understand? That’s up to you personally to decide.

You have your own personal reasons for choosing to live a simple lifestyle, so honestly, who is anyone else to judge that.

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