Sweet Relief


It was all the way back in December 2015 when we first started kicking around the idea of moving. We talked about it. Dreamed about it. Had mile long lists of “when we get there’s we’re going to”s we’d planned. We wanted and wanted. We talked and talked. Cried, laughed, looked, dreamed but in the backs of our minds we always knew it was just something that was probably never going to happen, and it surely wasn’t something that would just happen over night. I mean we’re talking 2,140 miles across the country. We’d decided we’d been miserable here long enough, and the lifestyle we want to live just can’t be made possible here. We decided in April we were actually going to do it. No if’s, ands, or buts about it. We were leaving our little piece of Grade F dirt in the Southern Nevada desert, loading up our critters and the business, and we’re heading back east. No matter what it took we were getting out of here.

We started working on cars, packing up things we wouldn’t need for a very long time, moving some things out to our storage unit. Then, we cleaned out our storage unit, had a yard sale and got rid of tons of stuff. Still, the things we kept digging out of closets and sheds, we just had no idea we had so much stuff. So, we downsized again, and got rid of even more stuff. We took on the typical “we’re moving mantra”, use up everything you possibly can, only move what’s necessary, and decide what you can absolutely live without. We decided to sell furniture, appliances, and vehicles leaving us with just the things we need to make it and personal belongings. Other than that everything would go. Then, we sat dead in the water.

We started listing our vehicles for sale. My suburban was first, even though it was our daily driver at the time (not our best idea). And we waited, and we waited, but no one even bothered to come look. So, we took it down and started working on the Jeep. In the mean time, we took some money we’d sat aside and went and bought a flatbed truck. With giant eyes and wild dreams we handed the man our hard earned money, and planned on hauling a majority of our stuff back in the bed, with it pulling our trailer. Then, low and behold, real life hit. From St. George, Utah to Pahrump, Nevada the truck was great. Not one single hiccup the entire trip. For two weeks after we brought it home, not a single issue. Then, real life smacked us square in the ass when the transmission went out. Then, the Jeep sat up for sale, and sat up for sale with not a single person willing to come look at it.

We’d told the guy we rent our property from we were going to be moving. He expected us to be leaving. Our friends, our families, everyone knew we were leaving. Yet there we sat. Dead in the water. We’d stopped working in order to focus on leaving. We’d sat money aside to move with, we then ended up having to live off of. We had cars us for sale no one even wanted to come look at. And we had a truck we’d spent money on that sat dead in the driveway unable to move. We were stuck.

We decided maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. The plan we had made, the place we had found, asking my dad to come out to help us move, everything we’d been working for. And there we sat. We stopped packing. We stopped looking. We stopped everything. And here we sat. No plan. No back up. No ideas. Just sat, and hoped and prayed we could figure things out on the fly.

Then, today happened. See, what we have is not your normal everyday Jeep. Instead, what we have is a rock crawler. A rock crawler we’d invested countless hours in, and more money than I think I’ve ever seen all at once. We’ve went places, and seen things that never would have been possible with out it. Which is all fine and great, and I loved that thing, but the market for something like that in our area, just wasn’t happening. So we kicked around the idea, and decided to give EBay a shot. We figured it’s $20 to list something like that on there and if we ended up selling it, it’d be $20 well spent.

The first time we listed it, we had our hopes way too high. 1,100 visitors to the listing in just six days, and 30 people who wanted it saved. The bidding started and it came to half of what we were asking for it, so we both got excited. But then, it stopped and that was where it sat. The auction ended. We still had a Jeep. We were still broke. And we still had no way to move across the country. Mr. Smivie suggested we immediately relist it, but we make the auction shorter. Go from a seven day to a three day auction and just see what happens. Well, today happened.

Today, our Jeep hit the reserve price we had set for it. Today, we were told we’re guaranteed the amount of money we need to move will be in our hands in just a matter of days. Today was a game changer. Today, the dreams we’d had and the ideas we’d had finally seem possible. An hour before, I was on the phone with my mom crying because we didn’t think there was any way it would ever happen, then this afternoon I was dancing around the house like a crazy person.

It’s real. It’s possible. It’s happening. The one thing we thought was only going to get to be a dream. Our business can thrive there. Our animals will have room. We won’t be fighting the heat, and the sun, and the wind to be able to grow our own food. I won’t have to worry about Mr. Smivie being outside in the heat anymore. I won’t have to worry about the animals near as much.¬†Eventually we can buy a piece of property we can call our own. We’ll never miss another holiday with the family. I’ll have more opportunities for work than I could ever have here.

Finally, it’s real. Finally something good. We’ve had weeks, months, and years of bad. It’s finally time for something to be good for a change. I’m not going to start counting my chickens, I’m not going to get my hopes up (as soon as I do something will go wrong), but dammit for a few days I have a little relief. For a few days it doesn’t have to feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. And now, we can finally start heading in the right direction.

Nevada to Ohio. Ford Ranger. Enclosed trailer. Bass boat. A Scoob. Three potbelly pigs. Two kittens. Three rats. A snake. A goldfish. A rooster. An entire shop full of tools. On an adventure, 2,140 miles to a brand new chance at the life we want.

T-minus 25 days, and counting.