Sustainability Bucket List #9

bucket list 9Sustainable Food Supply

Okay, so here’s where raising our own food comes into play. We would eventually like to be able to raise at least 80% of the food we consume. Vegetable gardens, herb gardens, certain animals for meat, eggs, and milk. We’d eventually like to be raising our own chickens (already got that one!), rabbits, turkeys, quail, and sheep for the soul purpose of meat. We’ve talked about eventually raising a few pigs or cows for meat purposes as well, however in some cases, when dealing with certain farmers it can be much cheaper to buy a half a cow/hog from them as opposed to raising your own, especially when certain farmers are willing to barter. We’d like to raise a few goats for milk; chickens and ducks for eggs as well.

The more that we can raise on our own, the less we have to buy, which is essentially what we’re hoping for. Also, I like knowing how things were raised, what they were fed, and the life they led while they were alive. Being able to produce and raise our own food guarantees those things as well.

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