Sustainability Bucket List #8

bucket list 8Reliable Food StorageI know, I know, cart before the horse here. I haven’t included growing our own food yet, but trust me! I’m getting to it. This is a HUGE one for me. If you’re going to take all the time in the world to grow all the food you want to eat, then you need to have a way to store it. That means canning it, processing it, and having somewhere to keep it.

Here I wanna focus on the storage. I grew up with root cellars. My great-grandparents had a massive root cellar. My grandparents old house had a root cellar, with a meat house above it. This is something I’m dying to have again. Here in the southern Nevada desert digging more than 18 inches down in the poof dirt doesn’t really happen. So we’re working on creating an alternative way to keep food. We have a large freezer, so currently I freeze everything I possibly can. I can bits of food as I can, but never in massive amounts.

Eventually I want to have a root cellar where we can keep our home canned goods, root crops, gourds, and herbs and veggies as well as our large freezer to store what we need.

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