Sustainability Bucket List #5

Producing Fruit/Nut Trees

One of the next things I’d like to begin to do is plant trees. Once we figure out where we’re going to be anyway. I really don’t want to being planting trees on property we don’t own. So this is one of those things that’ll be on the back burner until we’re settled completely on our own property.

However, I do want trees that produce something, dual purpose trees are my hope. Apple, peach, pear, pomegranate, nuts,  and eventually some of the dwarf citrus trees in pots as well. I’d like to have some vines and bushes that produce as well (blackberries, blueberries, grapes, etc.).My hope is to use these for dual purpose. Planting them in and around where our animals are to provide the chickens, pigs, and any other animals we may have with shade as well as edibles with whatever may fall.

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