Sustainability Bucket List #4

Solar Powered Water Heater

This is something we’ve been looking into since long before we started our mission to find our simple. Living in the desert, with the amount of sun we get on a daily basis it’s just practical for us here.

The energy co-op here in town will come install solar hot water heaters, but my God they’re expensive. I’m talking thousands of dollars expensive. With a little looking on the internet though, you can find TONS of plans for hooking a solar panel up to your existing electric water heater. Or, you can find tons of plans for creating your own system that involves laying a series of black pipe on your roof, filled with water that heats by the sun.

Figuring out what’s going to work best for you is always necessary. Consider where you live, the climate there, and the cost. Would this be something you’d consider for your own home?

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