Sustainability Bucket List #3

Sustainable Energy for Our Home

This one is currently a long shot (mainly because of cost), but some day I hope to achieve it! I want to become completely independent from the regular power grid. We currently live in the Southwestern United States. According to diagrams we’re in zone 1 for amount of peak sun hours per day (6+hours per day) so for our area it’s something that could be extremely useful here. Also, because of our windy seasons here a windmill is something else to consider, and several homes in the Las Vegas Valley have them. The cost is the biggest set back to both of these. Commercially made systems can range into the tens of thousands. However, with a little looking and some initiative there are several tutorials all over the internet showing ways to build your own out of easy to obtain materials. There are also components readily available online for purchase that just require some assembly. It seems like the longer these are on the market, the more affordable they’re becoming, so maybe patience will be my best friend in accomplishing this one!

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