Sustainability Bucket List #2

Compost Bins- This we’re actually getting really close to having here already. Mr. Smivie and I have been kicking around several different ideas here and have looked into several different plans. I’m thinking pallets will be our best bet, with three different chambers. It doesn’t need to be huge, but big enough!

However, I don’t just want to jump on the bandwagon and have a composter here at the house. We have lots of things on a daily basis we can put into a compost bin, and with the chickens and the pigs there’s lots of poop around here, not to mention all of the straw and wood shavings we use for bedding.

My biggest concern for a compost bin here though, is it drying out. I’m afraid that with as dry as it is, it wouldn’t have time to break down before everything inside simply dried out, even with wetting it down. I’ve got to do some more looking into composting in the desert (if we stay in the desert). So plans will come for this once I’ve done more looking into things.

Is composting something on your to do list? Let me know!


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