Sustainability Bucket List #15

bucket list 15Waste Management

At the end of the day, part of the idea behind a simpler life is reducing the amount of waste your house puts out. The main way of doing this for most people is by producing most of the things you need as opposed to buying them, thus reducing the amount of packaging coming into your house. However, there are still going to be things you have to buy, and when you garden there are going to be times where fruits/veggies are going to go bad before they get used, but what do you do with them?

Already in our house most left over food goes to the pigs and chickens if it doesn’t get used. If veggies have been in the fridge a bit too long, they go out there too. And believe me, these critters are AMAZING garbage disposals! My girls all love the treats they get! Old stale bread, yogurt that’s past it’s prime, veggies, fruits, you name it I’ll get it to them and there’s never a complaint on their end.

However, what about paper trash? Plastic? Styrofoam? What happens to that stuff? For us, if it can’t be reused it’ll get recycled. The paper trash can go into the compost bin, or there are times I’ll use it as tender to start the wood stove and burn it , then I’ll add the ashes into the compost or into the chicken coop directly (wood ash helps cut down on mites if the girls use it as a dust bath).

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