Sustainability Bucket List #14

bucket list 14Rain Barrels/ Rain Water Catch System

Okay, now granted, currently I live in an area of the country where we receive less than 6 inches of rain a year so this isn’t something that’s going to take place here. However, we’re working on heading somewhere we can use this idea!

I can’t wait to set up a rain barrel system to use to water our gardens and plants. I’ve been doing TONS of looking into these. My biggest concern with them, especially in the area that we’re heading, is mosquitos. However, I’ve read in several different places that goldfish are a great way to counteract these bugs.

I plan on having tons of plants (as if I don’t already have a bunch), and huge gardens. Granted with the way the weather is in some places you don’t need to water very often, however if you have house plants, or things planted in areas they may not get all that awesome rain. A rain catch system would be an awesome way to utilize a natural resource!

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