Sustainability Bucket List #13

bucket list 13Homemade Pet and Livestock Feed

Alright, so the only pic I can find totally BLOWS, but here’s the idea. I’d eventually like to get to the point where I’m making our animal feed, especially for our cats and dog (pig and chicken feed will come later). I do mix our rat food already, oh and snakes and gecko’s are super easy to feed! LOL crickets and a rat a week.

I use to make all of our cat food with the old kitty, Steve, we had. He had kidney disease and at the end of his life he started getting ulcers in his mouth so his food had to be super soft, which meant it all went thru the blender. And I’d love to get back to this. However, Dun-Dun is super picky and refuses people food/soft food completely so this could be a challenge. I also amend the dogs food already as well. However, once we start butchering more of our own meat, I’d LOVE to be able to turn scraps into dog and cat food for our loves.

Think of the money saved and the skills learned if you can learn how to make your own animal feeds!

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