Sustainability Bucket List #12

bucket list 12Reusing Anything Possible

This one seems pretty simple and is something most people are already doing. Butter bowls, glass jars, bottles, and many other containers can all find new uses. This is something we’ve really been trying to do a lot of lately.

I tend to not buy some things that come in plastic containers, but I reuse what I can, despite the fact we’re trying to get away from plastics around here. Glass jars are a hot commodity around here. I save everything I possibly can. Pasta sauce and salsa jars get reused to store homemade salad dressings and overnight oats. Cat litter buckets now hold my powdered laundry soap, and I reuse one of the big ones by buying our litter in bulk. Larger plastic canisters hold crafting supplies. Sour cream tubs go into the shop for nuts and bolts.  My mom is currently saving me gallon size pickle jars from her work so I can turn them into canisters for my kitchen. Candle jars are going to become spice jars.

With a little imagination, patterned duct tape, paint, and cute labels you can turn a plain old jar into just about anything!

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