Sustainability Bucket List #11

bucket list 11 A *near* paper free household


This is one of those things that I’m currently working on around here as we speak. I never realized how much of this stuff we actually use! Paper towels, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, make up remover wipes, napkins, paper/plastic grocery bags, shop towels, the list goes on and on. And why? You spend money on something just to throw it all away? How much sense does that make?

Decreasing our amount of trash is a big deal to me, and it’s something I want to start working on ASAP. I’ve got all of my needed supplies to create my “un-paper towels”, I just need to set aside some time to get them sewn up. I’m picking up baby wash cloths from the dollar store to make my cleaning wipes and make up remover wipes. I’ve been looking at thrift stores to find cloth napkins, since I want a vast collection of different colors and styles. While I have my sewing machine out to make my towels up, I’m going to go ahead and throw together some grocery bags.

Now, I am going to say this, there are some people out there that are even going a step further than me and they’re creating their own wipes for toilet paper. I know myself, and I’m okay with continuing to buy something that I’m going to put down the toilet instead of into my washing machine. Very good friends of mine cloth diaper their children and create their own wipes, if I was having kids, I really think I’d be a bit more likely to go this route as well, but for right now it’s just not for me. The same goes for baby wipes. They aren’t something we use a lot of (they’re amazing on sunburns though) so for me to spend a couple bucks for a package, I’m probably going to continue to do for a little while longer, but that’s just me.

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