Sustainability Bucket List #10

bucket list 10

Outdoor Kitchen/ Canning KitchenAlright, I know, I know the picture here sucks. However, when using free┬ástock photos you have to take what you can get. When I say outdoor kitchen, I don’t mean a tripod over a fire, although I will have one of those attached to it! I’m meaning a canning kitchen!

Canning large amounts requires massive amounts of time using the stove top, which in the summer means massive amounts of heat generated in your house. Which also means a higher cooling bill while using the stove to can, and just running an electric stove increases the usage as well. So, what do I want?

For me a canning kitchen will: 1) keep the heat out of the house 2) keep the clutter out of the kitchen 3) allow me to use propane instead of electric to cut down on some cost 4) STORAGE SPACE 5) easy clean up (hello garden hose) and 6) more space to spread out all of the supplies. Being able to process the food we grow is a huge deal to me, so one of the first projects we’ll be completing once we move is going to be creating a canning kitchen.

Under and awing, walled on possibly three sides, shelves (lots of shelves) , a fridge, a sink, a large table, and a gas stove top or camp stove. That’s it, all I need to make mine doable.

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