Sustainability Bucket List #1

bucket list 1Clothesline- I want nothing more than to set up a clothesline in my yard. The dryer burns up SOOOO stinking much electricity it stupid. I’ve had these awesome plans to put one in, but the more I think about it, the more I’m questioning it. Not because I don’t think I’d use it, or because it wouldn’t be worth it in the long run. Instead because well, we live in the desert. Sure, everything would dry SUPER quick… BUT we also have this wonderful thing called the windy season… and I really don’t want to be picking under-roos off our neighbors roof…. Also, we have this wonderful stuff in our yard we like to call “poof dirt”, as in every time the wind blows *POOF* it’s all over your house, and your car, and your walls, and your ceiling…. I’ve never seen dirt before that will stick to everything BUT THE GROUND until now…. My fear is, I’ll put in a clothes line, go to use it, and the wet clothes will end up dirty before you ever wear them. So I’m going to ask you. To clothesline, or not to clothesline?

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