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A collection of posts all falling under the category of “simple life”. Questions, comments, tutorials, projects, and ideas all centered around living a more Simple Life.

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Later Nevada!


Alright, so, here I sit with a blank page and absolutely no idea where to begin writing. My God have things changed!

We loaded up and left Nevada. Moved all the way across the country even. I have full intentions of blogging my way across the country, but I was so tired by the time we got into each place at night it just didn't happen. So let me give you a little recap.

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Online Auctions & For Sale Sites: Are they for you?

onlin auctionsOkay, so I'm not going to lie about this at all. Online auctions and online for sale sites have become one of my all time favorite ways to make a little extra money! I've talked about social media sale pages a couple times, but I thought I'd get a little more in depth, and let you know my rules for if it sells or if it goes.

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Packing and Minimizing



Holy Bejeesus Batman! This whole house has turned into a tornado! I apologize for being away for several days, life just happened! Anyone that knows me really well, knows I don't necessarily handle stress the best. I put on a tough face and grin and bear it, but at night when no ones looking I fall completely apart. I also tend to have the attention span of a gnat when extreme stress sets in, which means instead of packing I was painting an owl or something weird like that.

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch CHANGES!!!

PicMonkey Collage

I can finally say something!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE changes are headed our way! Goodbye grade F hunk of dirt in the middle of the Southern Nevada desert and hello Southeastern Ohio! We'll be heading home soon!!

Be prepared my friends, there will be some serious moving posts coming up in the next few weeks as we plan to hit the road in early June (as long as the Jeep and the boat sell fast!). We're packing up this place and heading on a cross country road trip, critters in tow!!

Time to head home, back to my roots, and where we can finally live the life we've been dreaming of! Stay tuned!!

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101 Ways to Start Living a Simpler Life

101 ways

Deciding to live a simpler life can be a huge step for a lot of people, and it can mean some serious changes both in the way you live and in your mindset. Personally, I also believe there are various "levels" to a simpler lifestyle. One level of the simple life could simply be limiting how much you spend on things and cutting down your debt, living within or under your means. Another could be raising more of your own food, or limiting the amount of trash coming from your household. Maybe in the end you have the desire to go all in and start living a simpler life at a homesteading level.

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The Simple Life & You

and you

Corny title right? How awesome am I?! However, despite my lameness this is a really serious topic, at least for me. Most people out there just don't get how we live, my family included. They don't understand why I don't care that I don't have a new car, or why I'm okay living in a smaller house, or why I love thrift stores as much as I do. They just don't get it at all, but then I've always been the odd duck in our flock of crazies.

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SeedsNow Affiliate

seeds now


Smivie Farms is now an Affiliate dealer for SeedsNow Seeds! Their website has amazing features with wonderful customer service. you can search seeds for your planting zone, if you're going to be planting in containers, and more. Plus, the fact that they can provide heirloom, NON-GMO, and organic seeds is always a plus. (The heirloom varieties are my favorite! I mean, who doesn't like a black tomatoe?!) And their $0.99 packets are the perfect size if you want to experiment with new plants or if you only have a small space for your garden.

Since we've began gardening here int he desert, this is the only place I purchase our seeds from, and I have an amazing germination rate with them. Plus, with each order they'll send you FREE SEEDS and coupons for money off your next purchase from them! Check them out, also, as an affiliate if you purchase threw my link, a small portion of the sales come back to me!

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Food Shouldn't Be Complicated


That quote on the picture? Read it, then read it again. I personally believe it'd time for a lot of us to get back to this way of life. It's beyond time to get back to this way of life. And in my case, Grandma Ely would be horrified by what we consider food sometimes.

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A Real Look at Simple Life

real lookRaise your hand if you're on Pinterest! Lord knows I am, religiously even. And how many of us have seen the beautiful pictures of well manicured farm yards with not a crumb or piece of straw out of place? Please tell me you know that's a joke, and not how real life works...

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3 Easy Ways to Make Money Living the Simple Life

moneyI know, I know posts like this are EVERYWHERE! If you scroll thru my Pinterest page, you'll see hundreds of pins about alternative ways to make money.

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Keeping the Dream Alive: 5 Ways to Keep it Going


When many of us set out on this wonderful journey to change our lives, the planning stage consumes us. Reading, creating plans, having expectations, and looking at everything with such high hopes and plans of an easy change with gorgeous results. Dreaming and dreaming of how wonderful these changes will be for you and yours.

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Making Time for the Little Things

Little ThingsWhen your days revolve around really important things, like feeding your family, taking care of your animals, making sure everything is running at 100%. When your life runs a million miles an hour there comes a point in time where you have to think about you.

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Frugal Living? Minimalist? Stockpiling?

frugal living

Frugal Living? Minimalist Lifestyle? Stockpiling? Homesteading? Prepping? Urban Farming? Holy bejeesus there's a lot of buzzwords out there right now! Almost as many as there are for those diet fads out there now. But what in the hell do any of them even mean? These are my interpretations of each one:

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Knowing and Accepting Your "Simple" Limits


One of the toughest things for me to accept around here is the fact that things are going to take time. I don't mind the effort or the work we put into this at all, but I do hate the wait. I hate that there are always going to be things that are going to take a while for us to reach. That's the frustrating part. There are also going to be things that I just know personally, I'm not going to attempt.

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5 Things Every "Simple Living" Girl Needs

5 things every girl needs

This is one of those posts I've been waiting to write since I decided to start up this blog! I've kicked around idea after idea in my head. I've come up with literally DOZENS of things I could include on this list! So, here is what I've narrowed it down to.

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Finding My Simple...

finding my simple

This, this one little statement is the basis for a majority of what I'm going to be writing here. This is something that in the recent time has become very near a dear to my heart. Finding my simple.

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