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Smivie Farms is now an Affiliate dealer for SeedsNow Seeds! Their website has amazing features with wonderful customer service. you can search seeds for your planting zone, if you’re going to be planting in containers, and more. Plus, the fact that they can provide heirloom, NON-GMO, and organic seeds is always a plus. (The heirloom varieties are my favorite! I mean, who doesn’t like a black tomatoe?!) And their $0.99 packets are the perfect size if you want to experiment with new plants or if you only have a small space for your garden.

Since we’ve began gardening here int he desert, this is the only place I purchase our seeds from, and I have an amazing germination rate with them. Plus, with each order they’ll send you FREE SEEDS and coupons for money off your next purchase from them! Check them out, also, as an affiliate if you purchase threw my link, a small portion of the sales come back to me!

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