Packing & Minimizing


** This is an older post written before we moved but loaded with great info!**


Holy Bejeesus Batman! This whole house has turned into a tornado! I apologize for being away for several days, life just happened! Anyone that knows me really well, knows I don’t necessarily handle stress the best. I put on a tough face and grin and bear it, but at night when no ones looking I fall completely apart. I also tend to have the attention span of a gnat when extreme stress sets in, which means instead of packing I was painting an owl or something weird like that.

ANYWAY. Here we go, packing and minimizing. As I said in my last post on here, and in my updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. WE’RE MOVING!! I’m so freaking excited, and stressed, and overwhelmed, and about a million other things all at once. It’s really starting to set in with me how much we actually have to do before we can even come close to getting out of here and I’m hitting my point of no return. However, there is a light in the darkness with this! I’m getting rid of so much crap!

Minimizing possessions and getting rid of stuff is a huge deal for me. I am A.D.D. to an unbelievable extent (always have been, it’s just me) and massive amounts of clutter and things piled in our tiny house drives me literally insane. It makes me nervous, and anxious, and miserable to be really honest. I hate having no where for things to be so they just sit, especially when they’re items I know we need to keep. However, do you have any idea how much random CRAP two people can acquire in the matter of four years?! I had no idea until I started into this mess. I mean seriously, why does a kitchen need NINE spatulas? Honestly, this is insane!

Our move across the country is going to be completely different than many other people’s and we’re getting rid of a lot more than many other people would in our situation. Must people when they move they pack up their bed, and their couch, and their dining room table, and take them with them. We, on the other hand, are not normal people. We are traveling with a massive amount of animals, which means they’re taking up most of the room. And, we plan on restarting our business when we get out there, therefore all of the tools we have are going with us as well. That leaves little room for big bulky furniture and unneeded things you could easily replace. After all, many of the things we currently have are just THINGS. We have no connection to our couch, it isn’t a family heirloom, to be honest I paid $40 for it from the thrift store. These are all things we can get again, so it’s no big deal for us to just sell them off.

Since we are doing such a massive decluttering and minimizing, I wanted to share my “Rules for Packing and Decluttering” with you all! Be prepared, they’re a little different!

Rule #1: If you haven’t touched it or missed it in the last 6 months, it leaves. When we first moved to Pahrump from Las Vegas we downsized from a two bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment into our tiny place. Which meant a lot of our stuff went into a storage unit. Most of these things have been in our storage unit for FOUR YEARS. And now, most of it is leaving. Pictures of family, things my parents have sent me from home, some of the clothes, a table Mr. Smivie build, an antique desk I LOVE, and a box of holiday decorations are all that survived my massive clean out there.

Rule #2: If you have multiples, only keep TWO. This applies to me in so many ways. I love kitchen stuff, and I have a horrible addiction to thrift stores. That means, I had like eight bread pans, and tons of utensils, and more cups and plates than I even realized I did. Plus there were still unpacked boxes of things in storage. So, I chose to keep one or two of these things and boxed the rest. So now, two bread pans, two cookie sheets, one set of dishes that all match, and one-two of each utensil if I actually use it. That’s it. This is also extremely handy if you’re like me and hate to do dishes, less things forces you to do dishes more often and have less dishes to wash when you do have to do them. I’ll call that a win win.

Rule #3: If the clothes don’t fit now, they’re gone. I can’t say I’m as religious with this one. I have 3 expensive dresses Mr. Smivie bought me a presents that are a touch to small right now that I refused to get rid of. However, anything else. If I don’t remember owning it, if it doesn’t fit, or if it is something that has seen better days; it’s gone.

Rule #4: Sometimes, stuff is just stuff. We are moving across the country. Completely across the country. And we’re DRIVING. The less we have to take it less space, less weight, and that means less gas. Some stuff is just STUFF. Can it be replaced for a reasonable amount of money? Or can you upgrade from what you have and get something better? If you’ve answered yes to any of those things, it’s time to say good-bye. That means our microwave, our toaster, the deep freezer ( tears over this one), the washer and dryer, dining room table, furniture (couch, recliner, dressers, entertainment center), all of it is finding new homes.


Now, you’ve decided to get rid of all these things. You’ve sorted threw them, and thrown out the things you’ve held onto but should have went in the dumpster or recycling a long time ago. What do you do with everything else? I decided if it’s something I can sell on craigslist or the online yard sale pages for more that $10, I’ll put forth the effort and sell it. If not, it automatically gets donated to one of the local charities or thrift stores. The things I am selling, I give them two weeks. End of week one I lower the price or make them a “best offer” item, then I either offer it for free or it gets donated.

Room in the trailer and the back of the trucks is going to be a hot commodity when we head out. So, the only things going in there are things worth while. Otherwise, it can go to a lovely new home. Now can you see why I’m losing my head?! LOL here goes nothing!

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