Online Auctions & Sale Sites: Are they for you?


Okay, so I’m not going to lie about this at all. Online auctions and online for sale sites have become one of my all time favorite ways to make a little extra money! I’ve talked about social media sale pages a couple times, but I thought I’d get a little more in depth, and let you know my rules for if it sells or if it goes.

First of all, when two people up and decide they’re going to move 2,200 miles away to the other side of the country. There are some serious steps that have to happen. One of those being sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of. For us, there’s a lot of stuff to get rid of!

We made the decision when we decided to move that most of the “stuff” we own we would simply not be taking with us. We have no attachment to it, they’re simply just things. So for us, deciding to get rid of them and get new (to us) was an easy choice. Not to mention we’re moving to the area my entire family lives in, and they’ve all said they have things to give us to get us started. So now we have all this extra stuff we aren’t taking, what do we do with it? Couches, chairs, dining room table, small appliances, a king size bed, dressers, large freezer, washer and dryer all of it has to go somewhere. This is where online sites come in handy.

Traditional yard sales are awesome. Especially when it comes to getting rid of some of the smaller things (I’ve had two so far since we decided we’re moving). However, in some cases getting rid of the bigger, more high dollar items can be a lot harder depending on your area. Here for us, our house is way away from the middle of town, so I knew we wouldn’t get any traffic. Instead, I joined in on a local community yard sale took a bunch of the smaller things and made well over $200 in about four hours. Which isn’t bad considering I was giving a lot of the stuff away just so I didn’t have to repack the truck when it was all over! But now, what do I do with the larger stuff, and those things we’re still going to be using until right before we leave (like the bed). And well, three cars. Two words: INTERNET SALES.

I’ve said before how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for sale sites when it comes to finding the things you need for cheap.  And I LOOOOVE them when I need to get rid of things. Social Media for sale pages have made me well over $3,000 since January of this year. Plus there’s Craigslist, and just recently I’ve been using EBay and EBay-motors. And honestly, I’m really impressed with them and I really wish I would have started using them a long time ago! We currently have our Jeep listed up for sale on EBay-motors. Here we were getting a lot of response, but no one had the money to offer what we know our Jeep is worth. In just a day we’ve had quite a response for it’s listing there. I’ll also be listing some more of our things on there I know are worth more money than I can get selling them here in our community.

So, what are my rules for online sales? Here we go, they’re short and sweet.

Rule #1: If you can’t get more than $10 for it, put it in a regular yard sale or donate it. There’s a reason why I say this. When it comes to Social Media Sale sites, in most cases, people are coming to you to pick up the item they’re buying. They’re not very likely to drive across town for something that costs them $1. Instead, set it aside for the $1 at your yard sale or just donate it to a local charity store. UNLESS, and I have done this before, it’s something you simply want to give away. I’ve offered big bags of clothes that were all the same size to whoever could get here to pick them up first. Simply because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like taking them to the thrift store. However, I only offered them for free to whoever showed up for ONE DAY, otherwise you’ll be stuck with them forever.

Rule #2: Best or high quality items only! Clothes full or rips or holes, crockpots missing handles, glassware with chips and cracks, or mismatched plate sets aren’t high quality items and in many cases will never get any hits in online sales. So save them for your yard sale where you can still get a little bit out of them. UNLESS what you have are antique or vintage items. Vintage t-shirts (one of my favorite things) many times will have a few small holes, you can absolutely list them for sale.

Rule #3: Would I actually buy this? Okay, so not a rule, but it’s always something I keep in mind when I’m making my listings. If I didn’t already own this, is this something I would actually buy? Is it in good shape? Is it a great deal or for a reasonable price? And is it worth what I’m asking for it? Sometimes people will list things for only a couple dollars less than they paid for it brand new. If it’s new with tags and never been used or opened, then hey that might be a great deal.

Rule #4: A picture’s worth a thousand words, and expect a million questions. Great pictures of your items are killer when it comes to making a sale. Is your item something you can take pictures of to help in the sale? Then TAKE THEM. Items with no picture and only a description seem to take forever to sell, and usually are responded to with one word “Pics?” Describe your items as best as you possibly can, and even still expect a lot of questions. Expect people to ask what you’ve already stated in your ad, expect people to ask the same questions other people already have in the comment section of your ad. That’s just kind of how people work.


Online sales, online auctions, and social media yard sale pages have turned into a HUGE market in even the smallest areas. And in some cases they’re the place you can make the most money off of the things you want/need to sell. But making the things they’re buying worth their while will often time lead to people coming back to you time and time again as you list more things for sale!

Any tips or tricks for online sales? Great experiences using a specific platform (social media, EBay, etc)? Let us know about it in the comments so others can check them out too!

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