Meet Little Miss Abby

abbyI know, I know. I needed another critter around here about like I needed another hole in my head (although more piercings does sound awesome). But look at that face! How could anyone say no?!

I found little Miss Abby on one of the yard sale pages looking for a home, and after two days of her being posted, no one wanted to take her home so I assumed it was meant to be! And, to be really honest, we’d decided a second cat was something we wanted to give a shot anyway.

We brought home Dun-Dun (yes, that’s her name) back in December. She was dumped off at our local feed store, and was supposed to mend a broken heart after having Steve put to sleep earlier in the month. The first few weeks she was here, she was wonderful! Always wanted to cuddle, was just the cutest thing ever and so well behaved. Then all at once everything changed. She would run from me anytime I looked at her, hid in the kitchen cabinets 99% of the time and refused to come out. She would only come around Mr. Smivie first thing in the morning before I’d gotten out of bed. And then, the bad stuff started. She was clawing the absolute hell out of the furniture and the door frames. She’d scratched most of the paint off the wall by her litter box. And then she started peeing. on. everything. The rugs in the kitchen, the rugs in the bathroom, if a towel was left hanging out of the laundry basket, and finally the bed. The bed was where she crossed the line. It was only ever on my side of the bed. There were days she’d do it 6-7 times in a row. She’d look at me while she did it. And one night, she even climbed in bed with me, acted like she wanted to cuddle and peed in the middle of my back. I was done. Started shutting her out of the bedroom and the bathroom. We tried everything. New food, 7 different cat litters, a trip to the vet to make sure it wasn’t a UTI or bladder problem. Nothing seemed to work, she just seemed to hate me. I was on my last nerve with her completely and we were talking about trying to find her a new home, which is something I’ve never had to do with an animal in my life. While at the feed store, I was talking to the guy that owns it, and came to find out she had lived in a house with nine other cats. So Mr. Smivie and I had a brainstorm, and wanted to see if bringing in another cat wouldn’t change her behavior.

I’d tried the sprays you can buy, I’d tried the sprays you can make. Aluminum foil. Changing laundry soaps. Everything I could think to do, so I figured why not give another cat a try? Maybe I could get lucky and I’d end up with a cuddly little beast that actually liked me for once. And man did I ever!!

Ms. Abby has been perfect for us to be really honest. She sleeps with me every night, always wants to sit on my lap and cuddle. As a matter of fact, as I’m typing this she’s laying across my chest licking my chin. She’s super playful, which has been perfect for Dun-Dun. And honestly, they’re great for each other! Someone to play with, Dun-Dun has taken on the roll of momma kitty, and someone to keep the other company while Mr. Smivie and I are working. Dun-Dun’s behavior has changed completely. She hasn’t peed on anything, the clawing has stopped, she comes out more often, wants to cuddle more and will beg for attention. Just in general she seems happier. So for us, we’re going to call it a win!


That takes Smivie Farms to: a pit bull, a snake, two kittens, three rats, a gecko, a goldfish, three potbelly pigs, two roosters, and a fifteen laying hens. That’s a total of 29 critters here on our little spot of dirt. And good Lord if they ever decide to revolt against us we’ll be screwed! But man, is it ever worth it in the long run. I just love my flock of crazies. 🙂

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