Living Life In Reverse…

So, it’s been a minute… it’s been a long minute. For a long time, I’ve honestly felt like I’ve lost my voice. So many things haven’t exactly went as planned over the course of the last few years. Thinking about it now, it’s probably been at least a few years since I’ve actually sat down and written anything on any of these pages. So, how about a little recap….

  • We made the cross country move from Nevada to Ohio. Three potbelly pigs, a pit bull, and two kittens in tow!
  • The place we were supposed to be renting fell though, and we ended up moving in with my parents while we try to save up enough to buy a place of our own.
  • I landed a job in the Admissions Office of a small, 2 year community college. And, recently I took a new position on campus, and am now the Office Manager for one of the academic departments (Public Safety Services). I’ll also be starting as an adjunct instructor this fall.
  • We began a small, home based business we proudly call Franken-Dude Designs, where Mr. Smivie makes hand built furniture and art pieces using mainly recycled and repurposed materials. We even started attending shows and setting up at vendor events with his pieces.
  • Mr. Smivie’s health has improved DRAMATICALLY! He lost nearly 60 lbs with the Keto diet. He was taken off the blood thinners completely! No more heavy pain pills! And he’s even been given the go ahead to return to work!

This is where the “Living Life in Reverse” comes from…Mr. Smivie has returned to school to learn a new trade! Some folks may know that he spent a long part of his life as a carpenter, however with his health problems, that won’t be able to happen any longer. Now, he’s working on an associates degree in Heavy Equipment Management, with the plan of joining the Operator’s Union upon graduation. And, in the spirit of things, I’ve returned to school as well. I’m currently working on building an Associates of Technical Study degree with a primary focus on Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting (yeah, yeah, yeah I already have a Bachelor’s, but I’m doing things backwards remember?).

47 and 32 years old, and we’re both returning to school with high hopes of improvement. For Mr. Smivie, his hopes are an entirely new career field and returning to the workforce after nearly 9 years. For me, this is learning new skills I’ll be able to use in the future to help build our own home business with the hope of making it really profitable. And the real hope with this is prepping me for returning to school into a Masters Program in the near future.

There are big dreams in our future. Career changes (I may have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up); purchasing our first house; there may even be the possibility of another bigger move. There’s hopes of finally building the farm and lifestyle we want.

Stay tuned!

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