In This Moment I Am….


in this moment

•Making:: A new embroidery piece to hang in the kitchen of our new house.

•Cooking:: A massive beef loin in the crock pot. When you decide to move completely across the country, and you have a freezer to clean out it leads to some pretty interesting and awesome dinners.

•Drinking:: Pina Colada Rockstar. I know, I know eventually I’ll be able to stop drinking these.

•Reading :: I’ve been slacking on my reading lately. Most of my reading has been in the form or DIY blog posts for the different renovations we’ll be doing once we move (concrete counters, paper bag floors, etc).

•Wanting:: Everything to work out so we can finally get out of here. We were supposed to be gone months ago but things just keep happening and it never seems to happen in our favor.

•Looking:: Threw everything we own and downsizing more and more!

•Playing:: With various photo editor websites trying to find the one I absolutely love. I think I’ve found it!

•Wasting:: Valuable time. I’ve gotten further and further into an awful funk. Mainly because we have all these things for sale to help get us out of here and so far, nothing has sold. The Jeep’s for sale, the flatbed’s for sale, appliances, furniture. All of it. Those items selling, means I can get my truck fixed, my dad can get out here, and we can get the hell back east.

•Sewing:: Been sewing on this piece of embroidery for a lot longer than I should have been It’s a picture with a Recipe box, eggs, measuring spoons, and a wooden spoon for me to hang.

•Wishing:: Everything would finally go our way for once.

•Enjoying:: The air conditioning. It’s starting to heat up here in the desert, we hit 100 today for the first time in 2016.

•Waiting:: For someone to come tonight to look at the Jeep, and for our EBay auction to end. Once we at least get the Jeep sold I’ll feel much better about things (notice a trend here?).

•Liking:: The idea of getting to plan out our next house. We have the shell, and infinite ways we can create it into a house we’ll love.

•Wondering:: Why these things aren’t happening like we expected them to and as quickly as we really believed they would happen.

•Loving:: This tiny little white fur ball that loves to sleep on my chest in the evenings.

•Hoping:: Everything will finally start going in the direction we want to get us out of here, and then once we leave everything will be better than it has been in the last several months.

•Smelling:: That roast I have in the crockpot. Man does it smell good!

•Wearing:: Junk clothes. LOL half of my clothes are packed, the other half are full of holes, and the ones that are left are work clothes covered in paint, silicone, and holes. Eventually I’ll get new stuff that fits again.

•Following:: Several different blogs and websites all dedicated to living simply, farming, and living a more sustainable life.

•Noticing:: How depressed I’ve come in the last few weeks simply because things haven’t been going like we expected.

•Knowing:: Eventually this too will pass, and things will get better. It’s just the waiting in the mean time that kills me.

•Marvelling:: That we make it like we do. So many people don’t understand how and why we live the way we do, some days I really surprise myself even.

•Needing:: A few good days, a nap, and something creative.

•Thinking:: About everything I still have to do before we leave! There’s so much here to finish!

•Feeling:: A little depressed, a little overwhelmed, and discouraged all at the same time.

•Bookmarking:: Lots of sites and ideas for cheap and easy home renovations and décor ideas!

•Opening:: An EBay and Etsy store and I can’t wait! It’s something I’ve really wanted to do for a long time and alternative income seems like the best option right now.

•Giggling:: Mr. Smivie keeps putting on corny random movies for us to watch since he knows we’re both stressing as much as we have been.

•Planning:: So many plans are in the works right now! Between finishing up here, moving, moving the animals, hoping and praying my dad is coming out to help us move, and planning for the remodel we’ll be doing once we get out of here.

•Creating:: Tons of new boards on Pinterest and hopefully more blog posts on here. I’ve been so stressed lately I haven’t really been paying as much attention to things as I should be. I haven’t even used my Bullet Journal in over a month. I’m going to slowly start creating more and more posts for this place though. Especially for once we move. I’m hoping for a posting series based around the renovations we have coming up, as well as lots of more activity once we’re finally in a better place.


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