Hopes & Dreams


This is a page more for me than anything, but if you’re here and you’re reading I appreciate it. In these pages I’ll let you get to know more about me and us in general. As well as introduce you to some of the dreams we have and how we’re working toward them. These are all posts I’m not going to promote and really just want to write because I can and I have a space for them now.

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Something Fun!


A friend of mine sent me this on Facebook, and I thought I'd post it on here instead! In the comments below, I've love to see your answers to these questions as well! Oh! And while you're here, see those little heart buttons on the right hand side? There's one for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Check us out there and give us a like/follow too! I post almost daily on those pages as well with tons of pictures of our critters!

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It's Just Me...

just me

So, because I'm an oober dork, this is something I've wanted to do since before I even started this blog. I originally had a tumblr and meant to do something like this there, it just never happened. So, eh, what the hell, why not make a post like this now? Besides, it's my page dammit and I'll do what I want!

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