Finding My Simple


This, this one little statement is the basis for a majority of what I’m going to be writing here. This is something that in the recent time has become very near a dear to my heart. Finding my simple.

I grew up in way much different than a lot of people. We were simple people, and still are. We didn’t have a ton, but we had enough to get by. There were times we didn’t have enough, there were times we had a little extra, and there were times we had just enough. It never felt like things were as tight as they were, it never felt like we were scraping by when we were, and my parents did everything they could to make sure of that.

Some of my earliest memories were at my great-grandparents house in the holler. Climbing on the root cellar, looking for snakes in the outhouse, catching snapping turtles and crawdads in the creek, and working in the garden. Grandma and Grandpa Ely’s gardens were HUGE. We had tools that had been handmade years before that we still used every year. All of us kids were barefoot in the dirt while my dad walked ahead of us making rows for seed potatoes or green beans or corn. We’d follow behind, my job was always to set seed with my cousin behind me kicking dirt back over the seeds. Grandpa walking with us singing, Grandma and my aunt laughing the entire time. ” One for the ground, one for the birds, and one for me.” Three seeds into every hole, row after row, after row. Watching Grandma and her mom, my great grandma, in the kitchen when things started coming on. I listened a lot more than I think they realized. Shelves filled with home canned ketchup, tomatoes, green beans, pickles and crates of potatoes in the cellar.

Then, life happened, and I had to grow up and life changed. High school, college, boyfriends, cars, four-wheelers, cell phones, computers, and even moving across the country. This simple is what made us decide to pack up everything and move back across the country. The simple where the worries were few and far between. The simple where we knew where things came from. The simple that required hard work but little money. The simple that made things really mean something at the end of the day. That’s what I miss, and that’s what I’m looking for again. And thank God and anyone else in charge of that, that Mr. Smivie feels the exact same way I do.

So, what’s my simple? Growing as much of our own food as we possibly can. Raising animals for meat, eggs, and to sell babies from. Hunting every year to fill our freezer. Being able to live as close to debt free as we possibly can. Being able to make a living doing what we enjoy. Making as much as we possibly can to make us rely as little on stores as possible. Being able to fix and take care of the things we have, without having to buy new. Being happy, not working our guts out to make a living and survive, being able to support ourselves and do what we want to do, and really being able to enjoy life as there’s so much more to it than the 9 to 5 every day. Plus about a million other things I can’t possibly write down.

What is your simple? What is something you can change easily to help you reach your simple?

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