DIY: Un-Paper Towels


My first in a long list of projects I’ll be completing for my Top 50 post series. And this is one of the ones I’ve been itching to get made. I really debated on making these now, or waiting a little while longer until some of our larger changes have been made. However, I decided what the hell, grabbed the supplies and whipped them up this morning!

Why un-paper towels? Well, we go thru a TON of paper towels in this house, as in like 5-6 rolls a month. That’s a LOT of towels! I’ll still keep a roll around for certain jobs, mainly greasing and seasoning  my cast iron skillets and other messes that’ll ruin my fabric ones, but for the most part these guys are going to take their place. I spent $9 for everything I needed to make these, which figures out to about $0.88 each. The fact that each one can be used over and over, it’s cutting down on waste, and all they need is to be tossed in the washer.

Everything to make these towels came from the Dollar Tree (go figure), so here’s the break down:

  • three pack of microfiber cloths x3-$3
  • two pack of wash cloths x3- $3
  • Roll of ribbon- $1
  • hand towels x2-$2

OH! And did I mention it took me a whole 10 minutes to make each one of these guys? SOOO quick! I just added in a few extra stitches by “quilting” the two pieces of fabric together. Mainly this is for stability and with the amount of times these guys are going to be washed, it’ll help them last longer.

Also, I’ve seen patterns for these where people have used snaps and roll them like a paper towel roll. Or they’ve sewn in a button hole to hang them from. For mine I went as simple as possible: ribbon. I sewed a ribbon loop into one of the four corners, then hung some on the side of the fridge by a plastic Command Hook, and others went in a drawer.

And, I had help! Someone thought when I was laying out the hand towels to be cut down to size, she needed to lay in the middle of the fabric.

And because I’m a giant dork, did you happen to notice the table I’m using? It’s going to turn into my craft/side table in the living room. It’s pretty much an old wooden tray table I dug out of the trash. I’m thinking about sewing a pouch to hang off of it to hold a bunch of my stuff in too, but look what you can do with one of these! Be creative! Anything can become anything you want with just a little vision and a little paint.


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