DIY Hanging Chicken Feeder

hanging-feeder-edit-231x300 This was one of the first projects Mr. Smivie and I made after getting our little nuggets. I’d looked and looked at getting a larger hanging feeder at our feed store once the birds started getting bigger, but at the time I just couldn’t swing the $54.99 they wanted for one of the hanging metal feeders, and I wouldn’t for that matter. After standing there looking at it, Mr. Smivie and I started thinking up a way we could create our own for a fraction of the cost.
Our answer? A 5 gallon bucket, one of those divided chip and dip trays from the dollar store, some nuts and washers, and a piece of all thread. Now granted, with the work that we do, we had most of this laying around in the shed when we started looking to create this project. Meaning, other than the eye hook for the top and a piece of chain to hang it from the ceiling of the chicken coop, we had zero cost in this little gem.
First of all, we took a 1/2 hole saw to the bucket, drilling five holes that line up with the different divisions on the chip tray. We then took a 3/8 inch drill bit and drilled a hole in the center of the bottom of the bucket, and in the center of the chip tray (where the dip goes). A nut, then two washers is put onto the bottom of the piece of all thread, then the tray is slid onto it, followed by 2 more washers and a nut to snug it down. The bucket is then slid down the all thread and the holes are aligned with the dividers of the tray, before another washer and nut is snugged down to hold everything in place. For the lid, we drilled a hole in the center a little larger than we needed ( we used 3/8″ all thread so we made a 1/2″ hole) that would allow the lid to slide up the all thread. Later however, Mr. Smivie took the saws-all and cut a slit out of the lid all the way to the edge to make it easier to clean without having to take the whole thing apart. A simple eye hook is attached to the top of the all thread with another nut ( one of the longer nuts, it’s called an all thread connector) to allow us to hang it from the ceiling by a piece of chain.
Super simple project, and very cost effective as well! I love this feeder, even if the chickens do tend to swing on it like a wrecking ball spreading feed everywhere!

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