Critter Corner


Most things that involve our animals here, we design and create on our own. We tend to be very handy in that respect! All the posts attached to this page will be tutorials for DIY projects to help you and yours around the farm.

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Meet Little Miss Abby

abbyI know, I know. I needed another critter around here about like I needed another hole in my head (although more piercings does sound awesome). But look at that face! How could anyone say no?!

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My Simple Chicken Brooder

brooderSocial Media Yard Sale Pages! Holy crap do I ever LOVE these things. Here in our area, there are seriously SEVEN of them. Seven in this tiny town! One thing I've learned in the process of starting our tiny farm, is before you buy or make, ask on one of those pages!

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D.I.Y. Hanging Chicken Feeder

hanging feeder edit This was one of the first projects Mr. Smivie and I made after getting our little nuggets. I'd looked and looked at getting a larger hanging feeder at our feed store once the birds started getting bigger, but at the time I just couldn't swing the $54.99 they wanted for one of the hanging metal feeders, and I wouldn't for that matter. After standing there looking at it, Mr. Smivie and I started thinking up a way we could create our own for a fraction of the cost.

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