Part of living the simple life is doing as many things as possible with what you already have! We’ve become quite the DIY folks around here!

DIY: Un-Paper Towels

My first in a long list of projects I’ll be completing for my Top 50 post series. And this is one of the ones I’ve been itching to get made. I really debated on making these now, or waiting a little while longer until some of our larger changes have been made. However, I decided […]

SeedsNow Affiliate


Smivie Farms is now an Affiliate dealer for SeedsNow Seeds! Their website has amazing features with wonderful customer service. you can search seeds for your planting zone, if you’re going to be planting in containers, and more. Plus, the fact that they can provide heirloom, NON-GMO, and organic seeds is always a plus. (The heirloom […]

DIY Potato Cages

*** For reference, this post was originally written when we were still living in Nevada. I learned in doing these there, that the climate was not ideal for growing above ground. However, these plans are still going to be used once we have the available area!***   I absolutely LOVE to garden. It’s been one […]