Bountiful Harvest Planter

Big Foot guarding his crops.

Alright folks! He’s a new one for us… I decided this year that I really wanted to put in an actual herb garden. For a few years I had a topsy-turvy planter in the front flower bed I’d built for my mom, but she didn’t like it full of herbs and preferred flowers. So, I bounced around a few different ideas to come up with something I could actually use.

I had a few criteria for how this planter had to work. It had to be self-contained (nothing could go directly in the ground or flower bed). It needed to be placed in an area close to the house so I would actually use the plants. It had to be compact enough to fit on the front or back porch without being in the way. It needed to look nice (since it was going on the front or back porch) and be low maintenance.

I settled on either a half whiskey barrel, or an actual container garden pot. What I found, was the “Bountiful Harvest Planter” (no affiliation here) and we decided it would be the best fit for us.

This planter was purchased from a Menard’s Store (no affiliation). And the planter ran us right around $26. It takes 1.5 cu. ft. of potting mix (what it recommends) and we ended up getting the Miracle Grow brand as that’s what they had in stock.

The Bountiful Harvest Planter (pictured above) is a square, plastic planter with an elevated platform in the bottom allowing for a watering reservoir under your plants. It also comes with a watering pipe (which allows you to fill the reservoir) and an overflow so you can’t put too much in and sog your roots. The planter also comes with wheels, and a cover you can use to help keep moisture in the soil. The whole system took me about 20 minutes to set up, fill with potting mix, water in, put on and cut the cover, and plant eight herb plants in. Right now, it has taken up home on the front porch, where it receives morning sun, and so far it looks awesome! The plants have been in for just over a week, they’re getting more and more established and really starting to fill out.

I’ll come back in a few weeks and give an update on how our garden grows!

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