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Alright my friendly, neighborhood readers…. I know it’s been a while. It’s been way too long really. So much has changed in our world. I really don’t even know where to begin!


We moved across the country. Thought we had a house, lost the house. Moved in with my parents (yay!). We’re saving up money to buy our own little piece of Ohio. We’ve been working on launching an Etsy store (well, 2 actually). I’ve been trying to build up our Facebook and Instagram pages. I started working more with Essential Oils and clean living than I ever have before. I started a new job (that takes up way more of my life than I’d like to admit). Mr. Smivie is still working endlessly on getting the approval for his disability claim. The list goes on and on…..


In the mean time though, I lost my muchness…. I’ve really put everything on hold that I enjoy, and this blog is one of the biggest pieces of that. I think it’s time I start working on this again. I think it’d time for me to give a face lift, and bring it up to where we are now. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a complete overhaul on this page. I’m looking to update posts, change themes, recreate the wheel and get back in the drivers seat.

I miss it! And I miss you! It’s time for me to be back! Get ready! This is going to be big!

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    Jessica you are an inspiration! Your “muchness” will return to you exponentially!

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