3 Ways to Make Money Living the Simple Life


I know, I know posts like this are EVERYWHERE! If you scroll thru my Pinterest page, you’ll see hundreds of pins about alternative ways to make money. Mr. Smivie and I, we’ve tried a bunch of them. In many cases, the things that are being posted aren’t always practical. I have tons of ideas, tons of apps I’ve used and still use, different websites, etc.

Yes, I use Swagbucks, which is all over Pinterest and Facebook. I currently have enough points for a whole $20 gift card (yay me). My hope is to be able to earn enough points to have Swagbucks pay for Christmas this coming year. I also use Receipt Hog, which is a cell phone app if people aren’t aware. All you do is take pictures of your receipts after you do your normal shopping and you earn coins which you can use for Paypal cash or Amazon gift cards. I’m almost at $20 there too. I’ve used FieldAgent, another cell phone app that gives you things to do in stores (usually locate products and take pictures of the shelf tags) to earn so much money. FieldAgent is awesome if you live in a large city, but in a small town like Pahrump it did me little service. you can find dozens of reviews for these and others all over the internet. However, this isn’t what this post is about.

I want to focus on actual work here. Not filling out surveys or taking pictures, but genuine work here. There are tons of things out there, tons of opportunities everywhere, all you have to do is be creative! So here we go, Smivie Farms 3 easy ways to make money:

  1. Have Truck and Trailer Will Travel!- This has been one of our favorite ways to make money out here. Someone need a bunch of junk hauled to the dump? Bunch of old appliances, car parts, random metal bits and pieces we can haul to scrap? Moving across town and need help? Have truck, have trailer will travel! We’ve hauled everything from an old scrapped out motorhome to 16,000lbs of prickly pear cactus. it requires a lot of work, but in the end it’s been totally worth it for us! The cactus haul off was hard work, I’m not going to lie, but it was a total of 4 hours a work (he had a tractor there to load the trailer) and we made over $30 an hour each doing it! Hauling scrap, we get paid to haul off, and paid for the scrap metal. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the most glamorous job we could do, but it gets our bills paid and then some when we need a little extra.
  2. Have Super Awesome Ninja Skills!- These are seriously some of my favorite gigs to take on! There’s a lot of different things you can do, just focus on what you’re good at! I’ve cleaned houses, walked dogs, housesat, cleaned horse stalls, and about a million other things! I use to make things and do craft shows all winter to pay for Christmas. Cleaning out rentals after people leave, babysitting, tutoring. If you have something you’re good at, USE IT! It’s been amazing for us. Mr. Smivie was a carpenter for years, he’s built furniture, porches, etc. The small business we run focuses on his carpentry skills. We do home repairs and remodels, it’s a skill he has and one that makes us enough money to survive. Everyone out there has skills and there are always skills you can monetize!
  3. Drop It Down, Flip It, and Reverse It!- I may LOVE using the skills we have, but this is seriously one of my favorite things to do! We buy thrift store furniture, refinish it, and sell it. We have hens, that lay an ungodly amount of eggs. We have gardens and sell odds and ends out of it whenever we can. Old stuff that’s still in great shape? I’ll sell it too! I have so much fun with things like this! Having yard sales, joining community yard sales, Craigslist, social media yard sale pages. I’m on all of them and I’ve made an unreal amount of money selling things right here in our community!

Now granted, my three ways aren’t as simple as pressing buttons on your phone or laptop while watching TV, but they can make you a more substantial amount of money. If you focus on your personal resources, skills, and things you enjoy you can use them to your advantage and monetize each of them!

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