April 2019

Spanish Rice and Honey Lime Shrimp

So, first and foremost, I have to apologize for not actually getting a pictures of this amazingly awesome meal. Needless to say, it didn’t last long enough for me to even attempt to get a picture of it! Second of all, this is an entirely new area for me.Last week, Mr. Smivie was feeling really […]

3 Ways to Make Money Living the Simple Life

I know, I know posts like this are EVERYWHERE! If you scroll thru my Pinterest page, you’ll see hundreds of pins about alternative ways to make money. Mr. Smivie and I, we’ve tried a bunch of them. In many cases, the things that are being posted aren’t always practical. I have tons of ideas, tons […]

Keeping The Dream Alive

When many of us set out on this wonderful journey to change our lives, the planning stage consumes us. Reading, creating plans, having expectations, and looking at everything with such high hopes and plans of an easy change with gorgeous results. Dreaming and dreaming of how wonderful these changes will be for you and yours. […]

Making Time for the Little Things

When your days revolve around really important things, like feeding your family, taking care of your animals, making sure everything is running at 100%. When your life runs a million miles an hour there comes a point in time where you have to think about you. We’re still early on in our great shift to […]

What The What?!

Frugal Living? Minimalist Lifestyle? Stockpiling? Homesteading? Prepping? Urban Farming? Holy bejeesus there’s a lot of buzzwords out there right now! Almost as many as there are for those diet fads out there now. But what in the hell do any of them even mean? These are my interpretations of each one: Frugal Living- This is […]

5 Things Every Simple Living Girl Needs

This is one of those posts I’ve been waiting to write since I decided to start up this blog! I’ve kicked around idea after idea in my head. I’ve come up with literally DOZENS of things I could include on this list! So, here is what I’ve narrowed it down to. A great pair of […]

Finding My Simple

This, this one little statement is the basis for a majority of what I’m going to be writing here. This is something that in the recent time has become very near a dear to my heart. Finding my simple. I grew up in way much different than a lot of people. We were simple people, […]

My Simple Chicken Brooder

Social Media Yard Sale Pages! Holy crap do I ever LOVE these things. Here in our area, there are seriously SEVEN of them. Seven in this tiny town! One thing I’ve learned in the process of starting our tiny farm, is before you buy or make, ask on one of those pages! If you know […]

DIY Hanging Chicken Feeder

This was one of the first projects Mr. Smivie and I made after getting our little nuggets. I’d looked and looked at getting a larger hanging feeder at our feed store once the birds started getting bigger, but at the time I just couldn’t swing the $54.99 they wanted for one of the hanging metal […]